Week 5 Blog Tristan Dashney

Before I did the reading for this week, I had a very basic understanding of how curriculum was formed. I believed it was a group of teachers and ministry representatives who generally agreed upon what goes into the curriculum. After reading however, i realize just how difficult creating the provincial curriculum can be. 

It takes a whole lot of different groups of people to come together and each have their own unique ideas of what students need to know and what should be included in one course. Getting all of these people from all over the place to agree on anything is near impossible. Moreover, just combing through all of the possible content and deciding what is important or necessary and what can be left behind is insane. Then taking all of that important information and trying to squeeze it into a single course is even harder. 

Finally, teachers do not have nearly as much say in the curriculum that they are being required to teach as i once thought they did. As for students, they have the smallest part in what ends up in their classes and what is supposed to prepare them for the future. And that is where i’m a bit torn. one one hand i would love for students to be more involved in the creation of curriculum for future students. They would know better than anyone what aspects of a class work and what falls flat. On the other hand, students don’t know what they need to know. I’ve been in classes where we’ve all been super lost and the teacher asks if there’s any questions, and no one says anything because we don’t even know what questions to ask. Writing curriculum is a hard and lengthy process and i do not envy those who toil away at writing it for us. 


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